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Blackstone Magik Enterprises Inc. and Gay Blackstone have worked with the top names in entertainment. 

New Kids on The Block with Gay & Bellamie Blackstone​​

Actor Dean Cain with Gay Blackstone​
Magicians Penn and Teller with Gay Blackstone​
Actor Jason Alexander with Gay Blackstone​
Actress Tippi Hedren & Kermit with Gay Blackstone​
Magician Murray SawChuck with Gay Blackstone​
Actor Robert Wagner with Gay Blackstone​
Comedian & Magician, Amazing Jonathan with
Gay Blackstone 
Gay Blackstone and Magic Friends
Back Left to Right:  Lance Burton, Harry Blackstone, Jr. Gay Blackstone, Jeff McBride, Johnny Thompson, Max Maven, Roy, Nani Wilson, Mark Wilson
Front:  Harry Anderson, Pam Thompson, Siegfried, Doug and Debbie Henning, Fielding West
Actor, comedian, screenwriter and producer Jason Sudekis & Gay Blackstone  
Actor Neil Patrick Harris with Gay Blackstone

Magician and actor Ed Alonzo with Gay Blackstone
Gay, Milt, Arlene.JPG
Magician Hans Klok with Gay Blackstone
Criss Angel.jpg
Magician Criss Angel with Gay Blackstone
Harry Blackstone Jr. & crew with Gay Blackstone
Jim Henson, Kermit, Harry Blackstone, Jr. with Gay Blackstone​ greeting Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowden 
Magician Lance Burton with Gay Blackstone 
Gay Blackstone backstage on the set filming "Masters of Illusion" for Television
Pro Boxer Muhammad Ali with Gay Blackstone
Gay and Sir Roger Moore.jpg
Actor and humanitarian Sir Roger Moore &
Gay Blackstone  
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